Som Saa, London

Som Saa promotes itself as a restaurant and cocktail bar.  Being on a convenient location on commercial street, it is easily access by several underground stations.  As a cocktail bar its known for its late nights where they host special DJ sets and live music along with great bites and an innovative drink list.


Looking for a fast and simple Thai menu? Som Saa is just that.  It has a simple yet sufficient menu for those craving a kick in their Thai palette, as well as mild dishes to satisfy the mildly curious crowd.  A short stroll away from the hip and trendy Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch, Som Saa is great for a small lunch stop or an after work drink.  I found out about it through a Thai friend who always complains he is unable to find good authentic Thai food, so thought I must give it a try.  If a Thai person says its good, it must be right?  7fHNMUEbSpSQwtiG%lE4LQ

Arriving at the restaurant, way later than our reservation due to traffic, it was buzzing with a hip young crowd.  The restaurant completely satisfies the ideals of less is more.  When the food arrived at the table, I remember thinking to myself the portions looked quite small.  Surprisingly though, the explosions of tastes were great and we ended up not being able to finish everything off.  They do have high chairs available so Rae was having lots of fun.  We ordered both the sticky rice and steam rice, which were delicious to pair with the different tastes of the curry, vegetables and fermented pork we ordered.
There were only two choices for dessert and we didn’t really fancy anymore food, so that brought us to the end of our lovely little Thai lunch.


Some Photos Taken by Samuel Singer

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