Blending Shopping with Inspiration

“Shop the look” is a pretty ubiquitous expression in the social media age.  It is a phrase we’re set to hear even more frequently as more and more companies link up with tech firms and social media platforms to offer their products in new ways.

The latest initiative comes from The Home Depot and Pinterest, who have partnered to dramatically expand Pinterest’s visual discovery feature, called (unsurprisingly), ‘shop the look’.

What they’re offering is more than 100,000 new, shoppable home decor products, including vanities, faucets, lighting, textiles, tabletop and interior decor.

The interiors sector is one where we are seeing quite a lot of tech-based developments, with retailers and brands realising it’s an area most suited for it.  That could mean augmented reality visualization technology, or as here, tapping into the wide world of inspiration that social channels can offer.

In this case, ‘shop the look’ makes it easy to search and buy similar products to those featured in Pins.  To shop a Pin, users can tap the circle on a product to see similar, shoppable items.


This visual search expansion builds on the previous innovation between the platform and retailer.  Earlier this year, Home Depot launched a video campaign, called Built In Pins, to illustrate the hard work behind the inspirational images commonly found on Pinterest.  In the compact Pin format, the Pins show the before, during and after of a home improvement project – from ripping up carpets, to painting and installing new flooring, to finishing out the room with furniture and decor.  The Pins feature how-to guides and tip sheets for the projects shown and are fully shoppable.

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