Copenhagen in the Spring

It’s my first time visiting Copenhagen! Actually a first time for all four of us. We always choose to fly in the morning if we can. Rae I up bright and early anyway so why waste time right? We were delighted to be flying club Europe with British Airways again and everything from checking in, chilling out in the lounge to boarding the plane all went rather smoothly. Rae was super goofy and cheeky this morning and had a great time playing with forks and water glasses at the lounge. Don’t worry we did not leave that much of a mess. The baby seat belt we got on the plane was a little dirty but we soon got over that when Rae fell asleep and stayed so for the entire duration of the ride. The service on the plane was flawless, accompanied with a nice antipasti from the M&S food brochure.

As we were landing in Copenhagen the view was magnificent. It was as I always imagined Denmark to be. The land itself looked very natural, tranquil and the buildings very sparsely apart. Getting through passport control and our luggage was also convenient and efficient. Although there was not that option to have our stroller brought up to the gate, we managed to make other arrangements by getting creative with the trolleys provided.

We booked to stay in the city centre at the Nobis Hotel. It’s an easy 10 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station. The entire journey from the airport to the hotel took us 30 minutes. This is the sort of distance I wish all airports to be from the places we stay, how efficient would that make our travels? I like to one day live in a city like Copenhagen. The air seems cleaner, less people are around and great safety regulations. Copenhagen seems to be a very bike friendly city. The weather was simply amazing! It was sunny most days, and although it was 10 degrees Celsius outside, it does not feel it. When standing in the sun, your skin almost feels hot as you would on a beach holiday. It can get a bit windy in the evenings just before the sun sets around 8 or 8:30pm but nothing we can’t handle when compared to London weather.

Copenhagen Card

We got a Copenhagen Card to go sightseeing as you are able to save lots of money on entrance fees to attractions around the city and can use it for all trains, buses, metros and canal ferries.  I found out about the card on Google simply by searching for transport in Copenhagen.  There’s a information desk at the Copenhagen airport to purchase a card and they can activate it there for you.  You simply choose how many days you would like to have the card for, and that’s it, everything else is quite straight forward.  If you buy yours at their counters you will not be able to replace yours if lost, but they will replace yours for free once if yours was ordered online.  So, keep that in mind before you decide on ordering one.  We ordered a 120 hours one for our trip in the city.  Copenhagen card


MXJhbsw%SCSLxrFhckmEbQWe visited the Nyhavn, to see the iconic colourful houses on the port. It was lovely to walk through the harbor with all the restaurants, cafes and bars along the sides.  All the different types of boats and ships moored along the port was also great to see.  There are a few canal boat tours that begin there as well which was very convenient.  We also had a lovely dinner at a seafood bistro called Havfruen (mermaid).  Its easy to walk to almost everywhere in the city as the furthest attraction is only 25 minutes walk from the hotel and central station.  Locals already consider Nyhavn the other end of the city, so really you can access almost everywhere you want to in Copenhagen on foot.  Although with the weather you may not want to, especially in the evenings, but then even the buses are very convenient.

Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid)

We went to visit Den Lille Havfrue which is The Little Mermaid. We traveled there easily by one bus which stop only a few minutes walk from the hotel. We walked through a park when we got off the bus to get to the little mermaid statue right on the coast. When we got there we could not really see the statue so basically the best way is to follow the swarm of crowd then you shall spot it immediately. Make sure you be brave and get up close and personal with the statue to get a lovely photograph. I didn’t quite make it down to it but Mr. Pang managed to take a beautiful photo of Elle with it.  You can see that the mermaid statue went through a lot in its years and we heard on the canal cruise that she has suffered lots of vandalism over the years.  I really hope she won’t have to endure much more, it is absolutely stunning views of her and her surroundings.  IMG_0059

Design Museum Denmark

This was a museum, that before we landed in Copenhagen I already read up about and knew I wanted to visit.  I don’t know whether this makes my view biased, but I liked it.  It was easy to navigate, you walk around a building with an open courtyard in the middle of it.  There were furniture, art, print, textiles, interior, technology, all with a distinction in their design.  Don’t miss out on the chair tunnel when you come to visit if its still here.  It is a very cool spectacle.  I loved it.  You could see how chairs evolved around the world.  There are designs inspirations from around the world, one of which being Japan.  The designs are similar to Danish design, which was amazing to me as I did not notice any similarities before visiting the country.

The Round Tower

The round tower in Copenhagen is a must see. It has a viewpoint at the top with spectacular views over the old section of Copenhagen.  Its a 17th century tower and observatory.  Don’t worry, there are not lots and lots of stairs just because its a high tower.  The spiral walk is very distinctive of European architecture.  Children will love the little nooks and crannies hidden along the walk, and want to hide  and explore inside them.  We certainly had lots of fun posing, hiding and scaring people in them on our way up, and down actually.  Do take a peek in any hidden little details on your way up and down the tower, it is well worth the extra few minutes you spend on your tour.

Rosenborg Slot

The Rosenborg castle is just across the street from the Botanical gardens of Copenhagen.  This is where you will find the treasury and the crown jewels of the Danish Royal family.  It is a lot like the crown jewels in London, perhaps just on a smaller scale.  It is set in a beautiful garden with lovely benches scattered around.  With the pleasure of the wonderful weather, sitting in the gardens with the sun on our faces was very nice and cosy.  Make sure you visit the parks nearby, there are lots to see.

National Gallery of Denmark

At the other side of the parks near the Botanical Gardens and the Rosenborg castle, you will find the National Gallery of Denmark.  This is definitely a must see here in Copenhagen.  The museum houses a lot of the great works you would have either heard about or read about on your travels around the world.  Children will love the open spaces, informative detailed signs, the book shop and the cafe.  There are even Stokke Xplory buggies on loan where you can park yours and swap your little one into these lovely high and comfortable rides.  They are so nice and high for your babies to see all the works around the museum.  Having these buggies that are only for inside also makes the museum very clean and tidy, which is another bonus!

National Museum of Denmark

On a rainy and grey day, the National Museum of Denmark is great! It’s a good place for children as there are children related exhibitions on the third floor including the toys section.  It’s interesting and has a lovely cafe and restaurant.  The gift shop is also very interesting.  You would have to leave your buggy at the entrance and swap to one of their buggies but that’s easy enough.  Remember to lock your bags and belongings you don’t need to carry around in one of their lockers for free as well.  At the museums in this city, you get a small colourful pin to wear somewhere visible to identify the type of ticket holder you are.  Don’t forget to give it in at the end as they recycle these, or keep yours safe as a souvenir which is what we have done.  I will find a nice and safe place for it in our holiday photo albums after we get home and get the photos developed.


The city hall tower

We have been walking past the city hall of Copenhagen our entire trip and never had a chance to go in.  We finally made it on our last day and I am so glad we did.  You have to take 300 odd steps up it to get the magnificent view but it is totally worth it.  Make sure you find out the times of the tours as apparently it changes as the seasons. It is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen, which gives it a advantage to see great views over the Tivoli Gardens. It’s stunning. Although it did take us quite a while to climb up all those steps with the baby, buggy, swapping to a baby carrier, but we got there in the end and it was worth every bit of our effort. If you’re a big group visiting, you can ask at the office near the entrance to design your own tour lasting from 1-2 hours which includes going up to the tower. Make sure you take a look at the displays on every floor, which tells the history of the tower, the city hall and the surrounding streets.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Charlottenborg is a Dutch inspire baroque palace housing the exhibition halls ins an addition to the historical Charlottenborg Palace. Contemporary art has been presented here for more than a century as the building was designed for this specific purpose. The extended halls, high ceilings make the space perfect for its use. Not everyone appreciates art installations the same way. I find a lot of it hard to understand but interesting, so I do like visiting exhibitions likes the ones at the Kunsthal around the world. Mr. Pang on the other hand was not very amused. It’s not easy for everyone I must say, so if modern art is not really your thing, then perhaps just visit the building, take photos of the amazing architectural details and give the Kunsthal itself a miss. If time is not an issue for your trip then I would always advise a small wonder around, as it might surprise you.


The Experimentarium

I would say, if you are visiting Copenhagen with children, this will be the highlight of your trip. The Experitarium is exactly like it says in the name. It is like a super cool science museum which lets you and the kids try out different displays, exhibits, gadgets and experiments in order to provide a better understanding to the universe we live in. There are areas about trade, exports, water, solar, wind, power, anatomy, energy and much much more. My favourite part was the water area where kids could try to use wind, water and energy to see how it changes water and using it as a way to transport good as well as save lives. It was a really interesting experience. I don’t think any museum in Europe can really top this one for me.

Tivoli Gardens

A paragraph to describe the fun we had at Tivoli Gardens is simply impossible so I am just going to summarize here and for the full post, please go to its own link.  We spent two full days at the Tivoli Gardens, which in a way you need if you really want to soak in every detail of this traditional amusement park. The park itself in my mind is so much more than just an amusement park. It’s a place built for all ages. Tivoli Gardens has amusement rides, musicals, concerts, fine dining restaurants, beautiful parkland, architectural marvels, a top notch hotel, and so much more. We tried three restaurants at the park, the Fru Nimb, Nimb Brasseri and the BRDR. Price I Tivoli. Not to mention, there are also soft drink stands, cotton candy, slush ice, soft ice, crepes and other marvels around you simply can’t get enough of. If you stay at the Nimb Hotel like we did, you will get complimentary access to all the rides and unlimited goes on all the rides as well, which you will need because the rides were all great. Having said that, don’t expect very thrilling rides as they are more mellow but great for going on repeatedly. My favourite will have to be the Odin Express. It’s thrilling enough, and a longer ride so well worth its money’s worth! Do try your luck at all the game booths as well, as there are tough ones and easy ones alike.

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